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The kitchen is the perfect observation room and the centre of all the action. Not only because you have a beautiful view of the garden from the window, but more importantly there is a huge dining table where you start your day with a good breakfast and end with an even better dinner with your family or friends.


The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you can think of. A huge window overlooking the nature and driveway brings in lots of light from the east, so you can enjoy breakfast here at the first rays of the day. The entire kitchen is made of concrete into which wooden cabinets are set.

You can cook on the ceramic hob and there is also a blender or a kettle for hot water. Everything is perfectly harmonised in a beige style.


The icon of the whole space is a robust wooden dining table with four chairs over which three rustic-style lights are hanging.
The whole space together with the living room is 32 m2.

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