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the story

Villa LaLu is one big dream come true... 

The first digging took place on 11 May and construction was completed in an incredible 135 days, on 23 September.
Mr. Nizar was the main architect and project manager for the entire project and the most important person was and is Mr. Lamun. I must also not forget the two construction managers, the many workers and the assistant architect, Ms. Nisa, who organized everything perfectly.

With this gallery I would like to thank everyone for their excellent work.


​The whole construction took 135 days.
A total number of workers is 40 people.

Two teams of workers were relieved.
A total of 4 animals were sacrificed (3 chickens and one goat).

Work was interrupted twice (once for 20 days, the second time for 8 days).

It rained only three times during the whole period.

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